Who knew staplers were more than office tools? Take any stapler and remove any staples loaded inside. Place the end of the wire in the stapler and press down. Without removing pressure from the stapler, pull the wire out to reveal an easily stripped end.

Stop Your Pet From Escaping the Yard

Wooden Spoon

Even with fencing, some small and sneaky dogs are able to sneak through gaps and escape the yard. If your dog is a chronic escapee, put a wooden spoon through the top of their harness. The next time they try to slip through a gap, the wooden spoon should stop them in their tracks.

Easily Separate Egg Whites and Yolks

Seperate Eggs

If you need to separate your egg whites and yolks but don’t have a separator, a small funnel can also do the trick. Place the funnel over a glass or bowl, then gently crack the egg into the funnel. The whites will flow into the container but the yolk will remain behind.

DIY Phone Grip

Easy Phone Grip Holder 2

You can engineer your own phone holder loops with spare hair ties or scrunchies. First, loop the scrunchy lengthwise around the case with the phone removed. Then, replace the phone so the scrunchy is nested between your phone and the case’s interior. Slip your hand into the loop for a better grip on your phone.

Start Seeds in Eggshells

Egg Shell

Save your eggshells from the compost with this garden DIY. Rinse the cracked eggshells and place them in an egg carton. Then, fill each shell with a seed starting mix and place a few seeds. Transplanting eggshell seedlings is easy since the eggshell will decompose in the new soil and provide extra nutrients to plants.

The 5 Minute Hack for Removing Clothing Lint

Remove Lint From Clothes

Give your clothes a refresh with this lint, pilling, and fluff removal trick. You can use a fresh razor blade and gently shave your garment upwards, or use an adhesive strip to apply it to a comb for a better grip. Loop a large piece of tape around your hand to remove accumulated lint and pilings.

The Best Way To Cut a Bell Pepper

Bell Peper

For minimal mess and easy prep for bell peppers, start by cutting off the stem and top of the pepper. Then, make lengthwise cuts around the pepper core. You should have three or four large pieces of pepper completely released from the core, which you can then slice or dice however you like.

Recycle Milk Jugs and Reorganize Your Shoe Closet

Shoe Organization

If you’re tired of your messy and chaotic shoe closet, try this tip. Clean an old milk or laundry detergent jug, then cut it widthwise to get even plastic loops. Fix them to the doors or walls of your closet with adhesive strips, and slip pairs of shoes inside to keep them organized and accessible.

Remove Nails Without Damaging Walls

Remove Nail WIth Sponge

Stubborn nails can be hard to remove from walls without leaving marks, but the right technique can help. Place a sponge or small block of wood under the hammer as you pull on the nail with the claw. This not only gives you better leverage to pull the nail but also protects your finished surfaces.

Turn a Clothing Rack Into a Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

This DIY vertical garden works indoors or outdoors and is easy to set up. Place your potted plants in plastic bags and fasten them to the rack, or hang plants from the rack with hangers or macramé planters. You can also hang extra cords and poles from the rack to create more plant space.

Keep Your Garbage and Recyclables Sorted

Garbage Bin

Keep your garbage and recycling organized with only one bin, three bags, and several clothespins. Put the bags inside the bin and secure them at the center with one clothespin. Then, secure the bags to the outside of the bin with the rest of the clothespins. Use color-coded bags to make the organization even easier.

Lemon and Citrus Sprays for Meals


Made by Spanish company Lékué, the Citrus Spray attachment can help you turn your lemon into homemade sprays. Gently roll your lemon to release its juices, cut off the top, then insert the spray attachment. With a press of a button, you can spray lemon juice on your favorite salads, drinks, or other foods.

DIY Fire Starters

Start A fire

Repurpose your dryer lint and old egg cartons into fire starters with this hack. Add enough dryer lint to fill the holes in the egg carton, then pour melted wax over the lint. Let them cool, then use part or all of the carton the next time you need to build a fire.

Make a Splash With This Floating Drink Tray DIY

Floating Drink Holder

Nothing says pool day luxury like a floating drink tray. Grab a large plastic container, then cut pool noodle pieces that fit the container’s exterior dimensions. Fas

Easy Magazine Holder From Cereal Box DIY


Organize your magazines with this repurposing hack. Cut the top of a cereal box off, angling it so that the back is higher than the front. Line it with construction paper in your preferred color, then add your magazines. Craft multiple holders for a stylish and magazine-stocked side table.

Quick Trick for Storing Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag

Give your empty tissue box new life with this storage trick for your surplus of old plastic shopping bags. You’ll be surprised at how many plastic bags you can stuff into a tissue box. Keep the box somewhere convenient for the next time you need a plastic bag.

Help Picky Kids Take Their Medicine

Taking Medicine

Many kids throw a tantrum at even the sight of medicine, but there’s an easy way to get them to take medicine and feel better faster. Disguise the medicine in their favorite drink, or place a straw in a medicine container hidden behind a drink can. There’s a good chance they won’t notice the difference.

Craft a Grocery Organizer For Your Car

Car Trunk

If your shopping bags tend to fall over and create messes on the trip home, this trick might work for you. Tie the ends of a cord to two carabiners, then attach the carabiners on either side of your car’s trunk. Sling your shopping bags on the cord to keep them secure and upright.

DIY Sprinklers With Spare Soda Bottles


There’s no need to splurge on a fancy sprinkler if you have a spare soda bottle. Use a nail to poke holes in the bottle, then attach a hose to the mouth of the bottle with duct tape. Add a little water to the bottle so it doesn’t flip when you crank the hose up.

Stop Yarn From Running Away and Tangling


To keep yarn from running away, first, remove the bottom of a bottle except for a strip one inch across. Punch a hole at the end of the strip, then wrap it around the backside of a chair and fasten it to the mouth. Thread the yarn through the mouth as you work.

Cleaning White Shoes With Toothpaste

Shoes Clean

If your white sneakers are stained, non-gel white toothpaste can help. Use an old toothbrush to work toothpaste into the stained parts of your shoes. Leave the toothpaste on your shoes for a few minutes, then wipe off with a damp towel to reveal pearly white shoes.

Upcycle Old Binder Rings

Binder RIngs

Keep cupboards tidy and organized with this binder ring hack. First, remove the ring from a binder, then use adhesive or hardware to fasten it to a cupboard door. You can hook utensils, measuring spoons, measuring cups, or other light kitchen utensils on the rings.

Dice Eggs in Bulk With a Wire Rack


If you need to dice eggs in bulk amounts for egg salad, try this wire rack trick. Peel the eggs, place them on a cutting board, then press a wire rack through the eggs. You can also press the eggs through a rack placed directly over a bowl to minimize cleanup.

No More Saggy Boots

Tall Boots 1

Tall boots fall over in the closet, which potentially damages the shape or fabric. The boots also look unattractive when displayed with other shoes. Instead of letting their boots fall over, people can insert foam tubes into the boots to keep them upright. Small pool noodles do the trick.

A Bountiful Harvest

Egg Carton

If prospective gardeners don’t want to deal with the hassle of digging holes in their yards, they can line up egg cartons in a planter, fill the cartons with soil, add the seeds, and care for the plants as they grow. This makes it easy to evenly space the seeds.

Chocolate-Filled Treat


Nutella combines chocolate and hazelnuts in a rich, creamy spread. If a hungry person wants to add richness to their fruit, they can cut a hole through a banana with a tube, then use a syringe to fill the cavity with Nutella, peanut butter, or another tasty filling.

Toothpaste Saver


As the toothpaste tube starts to run empty, people roll up the tube and squeeze out as much as they can until they give up and toss the tube in the trash. Squeezing the tube with a bobby pin produces as much toothpaste as possible, saving money on hygiene.

Retro Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nails

Typically, nail polish brushes are too thick to make dainty polka dots, ruining the design. Instead of using the brush, the artist can dip a bobby pin in the bottle, then use the pin to dab polka dots on their nails–just as long as the base coat has dried.

Paint Tray Protection

Paint Tray

Most painters pour the paint directly into the tray, forcing them to toss the tray or wash it out when they’re done. Instead of wasting trays, they can cover the tray with a plastic bag before adding the paint, then lift the bag and toss it in the trash.

Pup on Wheels

Tire Into A dog Bed

People with an old tire lying in the garage can paint the tire, place a cushion or blankets in the middle and surprise their dog with a new bed. This is sturdier than the soft beds that dogs knock over–and it’s more fun, too.

Screw Removal

Stripped Screw

When a screw’s head gets damaged, a worker can’t remove the screw with a regular screwdriver. However, they could use a tool with a larger head that fits into the open space and pulls the stripped screw out of the surface, eliminating the need to cut into the wood.

A Clean Pooch

Dog Shower Trick

Dogs can get stressed, antsy, or excited in the shower, making it hard for their guardian to wash their coat. Hanging a “pop it” toy on the wall and filling it with treats provides a distraction while the guardian bathes their dog. Their pet might actually look forward to showering.

Hold the Sponge

Sink Caddy

Instead of leaving sponges to collect mold on the sink, homeowners can cut the middle from a plastic bottle, melt the plastic that they cut out to create a loop and hang the bottle on the edge of the sink to create a sponge and tool caddy.

Perfectly Straight

Painter Tape

Hanging up items on the wall requires a lot of adjustment. Homeowners can skip the hassle by applying painter’s tape to the back and tracing the holes for screws, then placing the tape on the wall and drilling holes through the tape so the screws line up perfectly.

Outdoor Bath

Washing Ring

Dogs track mud and grime into the house after playing outside. To reduce the mess, guardians can give their dogs quick baths by cutting holes in a hula hoop, then attaching the hoop to a water hose. The water fully surrounds the dog’s body when they walk through the hoop.

Ready to Brush

Tooth Brush Cover

If a homeowner has a small plastic container sitting around the house, they can cut a hole in the container and use it to cover their toothbrush. This keeps the toothbrush from dripping water on the sink and causing unsanitary bathroom conditions.

Organized Cables

Organize Cables 1

Cables become such a tangled mess that it’s nearly impossible to separate one from the others. By sliding each section of cables through a toilet paper roll and marking the cardboard, people can unplug electronics without tearing the rest of the cables out of the wall.

Secret Treasure

Secret Place

Most homeowners have emergency money stored in their houses. To make the money harder for thieves to find, they can cut a small plastic container in half, store the money inside and screw on the lid. They’ll just need to remind everyone not to throw it out.

Portable Toybox

Back Seat

When kids come along for the ride, they tend to lose toys under the seat or turn the vehicle into a crowded mess. Parents can hang a cloth organizer on the back of their seats and store toys and electronics in their pockets to keep their children busy during the trip.

Shoe Preservation


Going outside can ruin a new pair of sneakers. If they want to preserve their shoes, wearers can simply tie plastic bags over their feet and walk through mud and snow without ruining the material. Some might feel embarrassed, but saving their shoes is worth the awkward looks.

Soup Rollers

Soup Cans

Stacking cans in the cupboard poses a hazard. Homeowners can mimic grocery store setups by installing a closet rack over the shelf, then lining up their soup behind the rack. Best of all, when they remove one can, the next can automatically rolls forward.

Travel Storage

Separate bags

When they need to separate multiple items for travel, people can arrange each item individually in a large bag, then cut out each section and tape the ends closed to make several smaller bags. These packages are cheap and easy to open during the trip.

Canine Fashion

Dog Sweater

While pet stores sell clothes for dogs, guardians can make their own clothes without spending a cent. They cut the sleeve off an old sweater, cut two small holes in the front of the sleeve for the legs, and fit the sweater over their dog to keep them warm in winter.

Dancing in the Rain

Water Proof Shoes

When someone steps into a puddle, their shoes get soaked. Many people don’t realize they can waterproof their shoes by dabbing waterproofing liquid on the material with a cotton pad. This trick is essential for parents with kids who love to splash in rain puddles.

Fun in the Sun

Pool Float

If someone just bought a pool but doesn’t have a float, they can make a cheap float by cutting open a sturdy bag so that it lies flat, then sliding a pool noodle through the bottom of the bag and using the straps to hook the bag to the noodle.

Protecting Little Fingers

Squished Fingers

Children stick their hands everywhere, leading to smashed fingers between door frames. Parents can slide round pieces of foam between doorways to leave a gap. This may compromise their privacy, but it keeps their children from smashing their fingers when they close a door in the house.

Money Holder

Lip Balm Money Holder

To protect their emergency cash, people can clean out a lip balm tube, then roll up their money and stick it in the container. This saves room if they don’t want to carry a wallet, deters thieves, and protects their money from water damage in the event of a spill.

Less of a Chore

Make Chorse Fun

No child wants to do chores. Instead of presenting them as “chores” that everyone hates doing, parents can make cleaning up a game. They teach their children to sweep by placing M&Ms on the floor and instructing them to sweep the candies inside the red tape.

Keyring Hack

Key Ring

Keyrings are so tight that they make it hard to add new keys, which seems to defeat the purpose. People can get around this by sliding an existing key underneath the loop to hold it open. Afterward, they simply slide the new key behind the ring until they’re both attached.

Putting Legos to Use

Lego Figure

Lego figurines aren’t just fun–they have tiny hands that can hold power cords. If they have a cord that they’re afraid they’ll lose, people can choose their favorite figurine and pop the cord in their hand. Plus, they’ll have a fun decoration that delights family members and guests.

Single Trip

Collect All your groceries 1

Many people spill their groceries as they attempt to carry everything inside in a single trip. Instead of making a mess, they can loop a belt through the bag handles, then use the belt to carry the groceries. However, they still need to maintain a sturdy grip on their bags.

Fresh Style

Moving Furniture

Homeowners don’t need to be interior decorators to design a floor plan. They can simply measure the length of their room and use graph paper to accurately represent the size, then do the same with their furniture on a different sheet. Afterward, they cut out the furniture and arrange it on the page.

Cable Wrangler

Cable Organization

Tangled cables underneath a desk cause frustration, make it difficult to unplug equipment, and create a tripping hazard. To organize their cables, homeowners can place the power strip in a box, then loop the cables through a hole in the box so they’re not a tangled mess underneath the desk.

Floral Arrangement

Press Flowers

People have practiced the art of pressing flowers for centuries, but many don’t know that they can create art without keeping the dried flowers. The artist arranges fresh blooms on a sheet of paper, covers it with a paper towel, and lightly hammers the arrangement so it leaves brightly colored smears.

DIY Planter

Recycle Plant Holder

Rather than toss out old juice containers, gardeners can cut them in half, turn them inside out and make an indoor plant holder. The planters have a rustic, homemade appearance that pairs well with vintage décor. Teachers can bring juice containers to school for a fun art project.

Frozen Snack

Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

No need to measure out the liquid in ice cube trays–yogurt cups are pre-portioned and ready to eat. People can stick popsicle sticks through the lids, freeze the cups and enjoy a delicious frozen snack. These treats offer a healthier alternative to popsicles and ice cream after dance class or a soccer game.

Clean Shower Stall

Shower Organizer

With products crammed on the shelves, finding the shampoo without dropping everything becomes a nightly chore. Homeowners can install a basic closet rack in the shower, then add plastic containers to separate their products. They can give everyone in the household their own box or organize the products by type.

Treat Time

Dog Activity

Dogs love finding surprise treats. When they put effort into their award, they earn a sense of accomplishment. On a rainy day, guardians can arrange treats in a pattern on a sheet, then roll up the sheet and invite their dog to find their prizes.

Rustic Garden

Burlap Sack

If they’re working on a budget, dealing with time constraints, or just prefer the rustic look, gardeners can fill a burlap sack with soil, then cut openings in the soil for their seeds. Plants grow directly out of the opening with the weight of the sack holding them steady.

Campfire Dessert

Banana Boats

After a hearty campfire meal, campers can enjoy a cleaner and easier alternative to s’mores by slicing open a banana, filling the crevice with chocolate and mini marshmallows, and heating up the “boat” inside the foil. This is a little healthier than s’mores and offers a different flavor combination.

Quick Dry

Drying Shoes 1

Drying boots and sneakers can normally take days. To speed up the process, individuals can hang a plastic bag on a clothesline, then hang the shoe upside down with the handles. The water drips out of the shoe, eventually drying the material without a blowdryer.

Shed Remover

Rid of Dog Hair

During shedding season, cats and dogs litter their fur all over the floor. For a quick fix, guardians can wrap a toilet paper tube with rubber bands, then roll the tube across the floor. The rubber bands catch the fur and lift it off the tile.

Fast Cleanup

Cleaning your Kids 1

Kids can turn clean toys into sticky messes in five minutes. Of course, for the parents, that five minutes becomes thirty minutes of cleaning. They can shorten the process by throwing multiple toys in a laundry-safe bag, then tossing the bag in the washing machine like a sack of clothes.

Good Hygiene

Dog Tooth Brush 1

Trying to cram a regular-sized toothbrush into a dog’s mouth can be an ordeal. Pet guardians can cut the ends off a toothbrush and glue it to a latex glove to clean every tooth in their dog’s mouth. This is much easier, but they still might want to have a treat ready afterward.

Easy Clean


When sponges are too large for ledges, homeowners can peel the top layer off the sponge, then fold it in half and close it with a binder clip. Afterward, they can run the sponge along the corner of the ledge to clean two areas at once.

Sudden Cravings

More Fruit

Sometimes, repackaging the food is all parents need to do to get their kids to eat fruit and vegetables. They can cut apples into thin strips like fries and place them in a McDonald’s fry container. Their child might like the new texture so much that they forget they’re eating fruit.

Yet Another Duct Tape Hack

Easy Backup Shoe In Case Of A Soaker

Wet socks and shoes can ruin the rest of the day. Instead of sloshing around in wet shoes, people can take off the wet shoe and wrap duct tape around their socks. This protects their foot from the wet, squishy shoe as they walk around.

Miniature Ramp


Despite their supposed use, dustpans don’t gather everything. To ensure that they get all the dust, homeowners can place a strip of tape on the dustpan edge, then sweep dirt up the “ramp.” Afterward, they peel off the tape and toss it in the trash.

Drink Holder

Front Seat Storage

People that sit in the front seat don’t have a lot of storage options. Luckily, they can string a pouch between both seats to get extra space without crowding the vehicle. The pouch can hold drinks, electronics, rolled-up magazines, maps, and travel guides for the trip.

Hot Potato


Campers can save time by wrapping a whole potato in foil, then cooking it over the fire. They’ll have a hot baked potato that tastes great with toppings like bacon or cheese. They could also simply eat a plain potato when they need extra fuel.

Bright Stripes


Homeowners can refresh an old rug by applying tape in a diagonal pattern, then painting each section with floor-safe paint and removing the tape when it dries. They can experiment with different colors and designs to make a rug for every room in their house.

Airy Snack

Marshmellow Sandwich

For a quick snack, people can sandwich marshmallows between two crackers, then heat them up until they’re soft and melted like s’mores without the chocolate. If they’re feeding their kids, they might want to make everyone put on gloves–these treats are sticky and messy.

Old-timey Favorite

Tire Swing 1

Tire swings are a backyard staple for movies that take place in the 1900s. Homeowners can make their own swings by spray-painting an old tire, drilling holes through the material, and hanging the tire from a tree with rope. The whole neighborhood will want to play with this swing.

Human Training

Work Out Buddy

Since guardians help their dogs train, their dogs can return the favor. People can make exercise fun by placing their dog in a basket and using the basket as a weight. They’ll just need a dog that’s willing to sit for a while and get a treat afterward.

Makeshift Compass

Homemade Compas

If they lost their compass, hikers can find their way by placing a leaf in a cup of water, then resting a needle on the surface of the leaf. The needle will point north to help them get re-oriented. However, this trick only works if the leaf floats.

Wine Lover’s Mat

Cork Mat

Instead of throwing away wine corks, crafty people can heat up the corks to make them easier to cut, then slice them in half and glue them to a piece of mat backing. Experimenting with geometric patterns gives the mat an extra artistic touch.

Farm Fresh Eggs


If a shell cracks while an egg boils in a pot, the egg whites spill out to make a cloudy mess. Home cooks can prevent this by adding vinegar to the water while it cooks the egg, resulting in a perfect breakfast every time.

Ready for Pastries

Brown Sugar

When home cooks have trouble manipulating their brown sugar, they can pour the sugar into a bowl, cover the bowl with a paper towel and heat up their brown sugar in the microwave. This softens the brown sugar so they can add it to their favorite pastries.

Bubbling Brew


Flat champagne tends to dampen the party atmosphere. To bring the drink back to life, servers can add a single raisin to the bottle. This unexpected trick brings back the fizz and bubbles, making guests clap and cheer when the server pours a glass.

Child Approved

Medicine Lolipop

Children’s medicine tastes bitter and syrupy, making it even harder to get kids to take their medicine. Parents can dip a lollipop in liquid medication to trick their children into thinking that they’re getting a treat. The medicine might taste different just because they expect a sweeter taste.

[Source: This article was published in mdrntoday.com – Uploaded by the Member of Broadreader]