Every person has a history that wouldn’t be apparent on first impressions. This past can cause problems in the workplace and bring adverse effects to one’s company or business. A free background check can come in handy, mainly to tackle any mishap or difficult situation beforehand.

These background checks are easy to conduct and only take mere minutes, thanks to the abundance of online information. Now to perform a free background check, there are various online tools along with several completely free methods, all discussed further down in the article below. So let’s begin.

How to Do a Background Check: Free Public Criminal Background Checks

Part 1: What is Background Check?

A background check is a process that can be used to test if a person is giving an accurate representation of himself. One can use these background search platforms to learn employment history, education, current addresses, phone numbers, and even criminal records.

Background checks can be helpful to check if the employer is hiring the right person or if a potential date has criminal tendencies or not. Here are situations where one can use free background checks:

  • To verify employment qualifications.
  • To check the past of a potential date.
  • To know more about your new neighbors.

Here are the top 4 services to get a background check.

  1. CocoFinder – A reliable platform with well-founded results
  2. TruthFinder – User-friendly interface
  3. Instant Checkmate – Organized information through public platforms
  4. Intelius – Offers results from a variety of sources.

Part 2: How to Do a Background Check for Free?

Several services allow for a free background check. Moreover, CocoFinder is one that is well-known in the community due to how long it has been around and the features it offers. It provides records from an extensive database collected from public and private forums. Besides, the base service features come without any additional costs.

2.1: 100% Free Background Check with CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a background-checking service that can provide a detailed report on someone by taking in a small amount of data to narrow down the results. The data CocoFinder needs to search for can be a phone number, name, and address.

Moreover, the interface is simple, user-friendly, and resembles that of Google, making it easy to use for anyone regardless of prior technical knowledge. Anyone who can search on Google can find a record with ease on CocoFinder.

Furthermore, CocoFinder will take that data and run it through its database once the user enters a name or a phone number in the search bar. It will provide the user with all sorts of information linking to the target, including arrest background, criminal records, employment history, and court records.

Besides, it offers this valuable information free of cost and through proper legal means, so the user doesn’t have to worry about any malpractices in obtaining the records.

You can also try other trustworthy online background check services, such as TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, Intelius, and more.

2.2: How to Do a Background Check on Someone?

Checking an employee’s background or searching for a long-lost friend is extremely easy with CocoFinder. Using the service’s interface is as easy as searching for a website on Google. The user can get an accurate background search through extensive public and private databases. However, some users can find the search time-consuming and full of effort.

Here are the steps to run a free background search using CocoFinder.

Step 1: Access to CocoFinder’s Background Check page. Enter the First/Last Name and City/State of the person before clicking on “Start Search.”

Step 2: The platform will provide the results such as employment and criminal history from its extensive database in a matter of minutes.

2.3: Other Criminal Background Check Services

Other than CocoFinder, some reliable platforms offer a 100% free background check for the user. A few of them are stated as follows:

  1. TruthFinder – Detailed free background check reports.
  2. Instant Checkmate – Excellent criminal record database.
  3. Intelius – Features an attractive layout.

Part 3: Is There a Totally Free Background Check?

CocoFinder is a convenient platform for background checking, giving you the ease of searching quickly. However, there are some strings attached in terms of accessing specific information for free.

Under such circumstances, the user can receive assistance from public platforms that are free and contain a massive database. Such services include Google and social media. We’ll discuss the method to enable such forums in this section.

3.1: Free Government Background Check

When a person can’t find any way to search or hit a dead end, then they can get the help of government resources. Local police stations and libraries are the common and efficient modes to relieve vital information of a person. Moreover, a person can search through any background check either for tenant screening, or employment check, and get the solution right here.

Furthermore, one can narrow down the findings and note them down or print them out based on the candidate’s information in their cover letter or resume. The data can include previous jobs, college names, home addresses, and more.

Though the method is free, a government background check is a hectic endeavor that could take much time to access and even compile the data. Besides, there is no guarantee that the information on a specific person would even be part of public records, especially if the individual is an illegal immigrant. It is convenient to use platforms such as CocoFinder to preserve time and avoid extensive research.

With CocoFinder, you can find someone’s government background by only entering the target’s phone number, name, email, and address.

3.2: Free Background Check No Charge

Nowadays, one can find dozens of companies providing background searches on every corner. They can get all the necessary information from name to location and number to criminal records. However, most such services require the user to spend a significant amount of money. Still, some platforms are available online that provide the means to do a background search free of charge.

Whenever people have to check someone out or get their information, they can access social media platforms to complete the job. However, the only hindrance comes when one encounters multiple people with similar names after entering the relevant data.

Pretty much every social media website or application contains a search bar, allowing any user to enter relevant data to get useful results. They can provide their name, email address, area of residence, or phone number to get direct access to the related person’s social media profile/account.

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Part 4: Free Criminal Background Check

Most employers make use of background checks before appointing any person so that his potential customers aren’t affected. Moreover, they can carry out these background checks through legal sources, including police and credit checks.

Federal or State level authorities are the most reliable option one could enable to receive information regarding a person’s past. Agencies like the FBI have the government’s resources at their disposal, allowing them to act if they sense any danger to the community.

The FBI’s background check is one of the most accurate as well. For this purpose, people consider FBI background checks reliable more than anything. Moreover, it can yield records from criminal databases, and charges including theft, murder, and jail.

However, the process to access state-level documents could take weeks or even months. It could be a problem for someone like an employer looking to hire a person.

CocoFinder is a useful tool and it has achieved a technological breakthrough. To get all relevant information, you only need to input the target’s address, email, name, and phone number.

Part 5: Free Background Check on Yourself

Suppose, you are applying for a lucrative job and know that the employer would perform an extensive background search on you. In that case, it is better to find the information yourself and learn what data is part of the public record about yourself. It will allow you to amend the background check info before heading out for the interview or help you in a proper way if the data is correct.

You can efficiently run a free-of-cost background check using proper checking tools. The efficiency of such services usually depends on the types of data you require. However, the online database collects extensive records for people all around the globe with all the basic information. You can also access search engines and social media platforms to learn about your internet history and more.

You can also try paid background search services like TruthFinder to do a criminal background check on someone.


Many people all around the globe use different background-checking applications and websites for screening purposes. Still, a person has to do proper research before getting associated with someone. After reading this blog, anyone can now run a background check for personal or business usage. One can opt for free checking tools, while others can get a paid version when seeking criminal records.

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